Khayelitsha Urban Design Framework

The objective of this Framework is to achieve integrated development which will result in a more vibrant and sustainable CBD. Higher Density social housing is a critical component of this Framework.

At the centre of the CBD, high density (four-storey) perimeter housing blocks are a key feature in creating strong residential and mixed use character, reminiscent of the older more traditional satellite CBD’s in Cape Town. Promoting  24 hour activity and emphasising safety and security through ‘passive surveillance’ design were key considerations.

Towards the periphery of the CBD a strong concentration of residential typologies have been incorporated. These are designed  as clusters around neighbourhood public spaces, to create a strong identity and a sense of place in these precincts. Here the social housing takes the form of a combination of  two, three and four storey walk ups, as well as duplex units in semi-detached or row configurations. Altogether, the Framework aims to achieve approximately 2000 housing opportunities within the CBD.

Client: City of Cape Town

Location: Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa

Status: Complete