Spes Bona Reservoir Rehabilitation

City of Cape Town constructed a new reservoir alongside an existing reservoir on the Spes Bona Road in Durbanville, to provide water to a local development.

The brief was to design and advise on the berm design and restoration of the renosterveld vegetation that occurs in pockets on the surrounding koppies. This involved seed collection and processing the seeds using best practices to ensure their germination on the berms. It also included eradicating the invasive Echium plantigeum Pattersons Curse, that is very prevalent in the area.

The new berm was designed so that it would hide the old and new reservoir and the use of materials to blend into the surrounding landscape.

A Management Plan was included as to the process of eradication of invasive alien species, construction of reservoir and berm, seed collection and seed sowing, irrigation and maintenance thereafter.

Client: City of Cape Town

Location: Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

Year: 2017